Irkens will be defeated!
Vital statistics
Full name 12yz12ab
Native name 12yz12ab
Title 12yz12ab
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Inventor
Health Good
Level 100
Status Making something
Location In his lab
Birth date May 12, 1992
Occupation Inventor
Interests Inventing
Friends Bugzy
Enemies Yzabtech
Archetype Good
Parody of 12yz12ab
Fourth wall Can break the fourth wall
Color Tan
Nationality No one knows.

12yz12ab is a human who is an inventor and tries to stop the Irkens, but fails.


12yz12ab was born on May 12, 1992. He always had a love for machinery. He wanted to help the world so he started making inventions. When he noticed those Irkens on planet Earth, he started making more inventions to force them off.


  • Akbaboy wants to help him stop the Irkens from conquering Earth.
  • He likes hot dogs.

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