Agent Darkbootie, months before his capture by the Irken imperial guards.

Agent Darkbootie is the most often-seen member of Network, and one of the few agents who want to give Agent Mothman a chance to prove himself to the Network, and did so in Battle-Dib. However, Darkbootie was upset with him when Mothman called him in Zim Eats Waffles and apparently was trying to play a joke. In Battle of the Planets it is revealed that Agent Darkbootie is actually a janitor at NASAPlace. His physical appearance seems to make him resemble Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Agent Darkbootie is, most likely (though it is never expressly stated), the leader of the Swollen Eyeball Network. Despite being a janitor, he has impressive engineering skills (having repaired an old rocket NASA once used to shoot monkeys into space), and while he expressed disdain and annoyance regarding Dib's attempts at exposing Zim, he offers occasional assistance. The only notable time was in Battle of the Planets, when he said the only other planet with built-in rockets had to be Mercury.

In Invader Dib, he is last seen at a torture room within the Irken Imperial Palace as he was being questioned regarding what he knows about Dib's plan to take over the Irkens. (Agent Tunaghost can be heard screaming, but because she is as beautiful as the future consort of Tallest ZIM, she is spared.)

After the Irken slave driver (repurposed as a royal palace guard for soon-to-be Tallest ZIM) makes a threat against the man’s life during his interrogation, he breaks free and challenges the alien to a fight. Fast and furious, the old man is no match for the Irken warrior as the hot coals warm his face before he is knocked out cold.