Akbaboy is a human who is destined to take over Irk with the help of his technology.


He was born on a stormy night. He ran out of the hospital once he was born and a lightning bolt got him. He cried as soon as the bolt disappeared and made him intelligent. He started inventing technology that he thought would help Earth. He found out about Irk and what they were trying to do to Earth. He decided to use his technology and intelligence to take over Irk and make it Earth 2.


He is seen in his house figuring out a way to take over Irk and inventing technology.


  • Dib does not know who he is.
    • He has not seen him at all.
  • He knows all about the Irkens on Earth.
  • He is a normal human unlike Dib.
  • He is a obstacle for Ben.
  • He can somewhat put up a fight with Surray and Zim, but he gets hurt a lot when he challages Surray.