Tallest Miyuki
Tallest Miyuki




414 (46 In Irk Years)




Ruby or Blue





Almighty Tallest Miyuki is the ninthy-ninth known Tallest, and a female Tallest of the Irken society. She was also the first Tallest (chronologically) in Invader Zim. She was originally going to debut during a flashback in the episode The Trial, where she was eaten alive by an Infinite Energy Absorbing Blob creature created by Zim while he was a scientist working at Vort Research Station 9. It was during her reign that the Massive was designed, as she is the one who commissioned its creation. She was in love with Almighty Tallest Spork, whom had planned on marrying her, which would have made her Empress Miyuki had she had married Spork. In a different universe, she is also the secondary genetic template of Zim, making her his biological mother and himself the prince of Irk. She is also in love with Zim's father General Kratoz in this other universe.

In her scheduled debut, it becomes clear that the cause of her death was not known until Zim's existence evaluation. She was succeeded by Tallest Spork (her intended co-regent, actually), who shared her fate. However, she later forgives Zim from beyond death when he ascends to the throne, and welcomes Gaz into Irken society before departing back into the heavens to watch over her planet and its citizens.

Her circlet is now worn by Zim's consort Gazlene.

An intended portrait of Miyuki and Spork during their coronation was made before certain circumstances derailed their rulership together. It can now be seen in the royal library of the Irken Imperial Palace.