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Ben Hun
Why do I have the strangest feeling that this is one big advertisement? No matter.
Vital statistics
Full name Benjamin James Hun
Native name BENj$MIN JAMes H$N
Title The Mystical NOMZ FEEDER
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction LOL-cats
Health Good
Level Lulz
Status Plotting to take over the world in the name of LOL-cats
Location Catacombs
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Lulz
Interests Taking over earth, annoying Surray, understanding Evil Bob
Friends LOL-cat masters and Evil Bob
Enemies Surray and Zim
Archetype Lulz
Parody of Nothing
Fourth wall Can break the 4th wall
Color Human skin color?
Nationality LOL

Ben Hun, Ben Hunny (as called by his enemies), or just plain Ben, is the human orchestrator of the LOL-cat Internet meme, and the mystical NOMZ FEEDER Servant of the LOL-cat masters of a Kitteh Universe. He believes that LOL-cats alone deserve to rule the universe. His mind is enhanced by the power of the LOL-cats that dwell within, and he spends most of his time coming up with evil schemes and inventions in an effort to dominate the earth in the name of LOL-cats. He attempts to use his skills overthrow the government, knowing that if the earth falls to the LOL-cats, then the rest of the universe will follow, too.

His parents seem to think hes simply going through what they call a "Phase" and expect that some day he'll forget about these strange creatures he calls LOL-cats.


He was the human that happened to be born at they exact same time that the LOL-cats were imprisoned and banished from their high place of control in the universe, for their scheme to take it over. At birth, he was chosen to be the NOMZ FEEDER Servant of the LOL-cats, and to house the LOL-cats in the center of his mind. Growing up, he listened intently to the LOL-cats promises and teachings, and decided that LOL-cats were destined to rule the universe. He was to be the vessel to exact their will.

He moved to a new school for two months before meeting Zim. Ben was wary of Zim's presence, and the LOL-cats warned him that he may be evil. Zim, having no idea who this human was, nor of the threat he may pose to him, probed Ben's mind. During the probe, discovered the secrets as well as recovering an image of one of the LOL-cats before it destroyed the probe.

Ben decided to popularize the idea of LOL-cats so it would be more acceptable by the inhabitants of his cursed planet (earth) by creating an Internet meme. He shared fliers of a website, "Icanhazcheeseburger", with his peers. Within months the LOL-cat meme was a success and Ben was rewarded by the LOL-cat masters for his good job done.




  • He believes that the LOL-cats are destined to rule the universe.
  • He and Dib are neutral towards each other. Ben sometimes helps Dib stop Zim's plans to take over the world in the name of the Irken empire. Dib, in turn, stops Ben from taking over the world in the name of LOL-cats.
  • Akbaboy thinks that Ben Hun is crazier and more of a freak than Dib.
  • His next door neighbor is Jones Johnson, who also has great disdain for him. That's saying something, because Jones Johnson is too nice.

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