Control Brains are large, computerized, brain-like creatures which were constructed by the Irkens responsible for making both tough, and basic decisions. They are the true masters of the Irken empire which means they even surpass the Almighty Tallest. Control Brains run the empire, and their conclusions are to be always be accepted by The Almighty Tallest (The Almighty Tallest only control their home planet, Irk). Control Brains are also the judges, you could say, for evaluations or trials which will determine what kind of job an Irken will do or capable of and how they will serve the Irken Empire. Control brains also have the ability to erase or change an Irken's PAK data, either changing their rank or eliminating them. For example, after Zim almost destroyed his home planet Irk and killing Almighty Tallest Myuki and Spork, Zim was sent to a trial with Almighty Tallest Red and Purple, and the Control brain. The Control Brain then grabbed Zim's pack and re-encoded his rank from Invader to Food Services and was then banished to Food Courtia. Keep in mind that Control Brains are still computers, and like all computers, they sometimes breakdown at some point, so some Irken engineers are often called to keep the Control Brains up functional. 


  • In the series, Control Brains seem to have different color designs.
  • Control Brains can eliminate an Irken's mind and memory.
  • In conclusion, Control Brains are the supreme leaders of Irk.