This is Eris.
Vital statistics
Full name Eris Firete Durociside
Native name Eris Firete Durociside
Title Invader #136199 Eris Firete Durociside
Gender Male
Race Irken
Faction Invader
Health Good
Level The level an official invader would be
Status Torturing people on Earth
Location Earth
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Invader
Interests Helping Irk, destroying Earth, planning evil schemes
Friends Irk excluding Surray (sometimes)
Enemies Earth, Surray (sometimes)
Archetype Evil
Parody of Nothing
Fourth wall Can break the fourth wall.
Color Green
Nationality Irken

Invader #136199 Eris Firete Durociside, or just Eris, is an invader from Irk. He is the rival of Akbaboy. His SIR unit is CERES. He is currently on Earth.


He has two sides of his history. His two sides are his life on Irk and his life on Earth.


He was made on Zim's first day of life. He loved the invaders and hoped to be one all his life. He talked about them all day. He was chosen one day. He promised he would take over Earth and do anything to save Irk. He went in his ship and blasted off to Earth after receiving CERES.


Eris in Disguise

Eris in his disguise.

Eris in Disguise on Computer

Eris' disguise on his computer. Don't show me that ever again.

He gave his SIR unit a disguise of a cat and himself a disguise that looked like an adult. The machine malfunctioned and ended up making him look like a kid so he went to the skool Zim went to. He got in a different class than Dib and Zim. He acted a lot more like a normal kid than Zim. But he got stuck in Zim's class after a freak accident.


He is currently spending his time making plans to destroy Earth and doing bad deeds to students in his class.


  • He always walks into walls. He ends up getting hurt.
  • Surray thinks of him as an enemy, but he is actually a "friend".

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