The Eternal Engine is a large engine stationed on The Massive that keep PAKs running;without it every Irken would start to die.


The very, very, very first tallest could only have control one planet, and with so few space and so many Irkens, they needed to conquer more planets. However, Irkens have horrible immune systems and would die in 10 to 15 minutes if they were not on there own planet. The Tallest ordered the Irkens to build a very advanced machine that had infinite range.

It had taken 3 more Tallest reigns before it was finished, but the large machine was eventually built. The machine was stored in the first massive (Though now is small compared to the massive). The machine could protect Irkens from getting sicknesses from other planets and help their squiggly spooge work while not in the right atmosphere. The machine, however, needed something to connect to; and PAKs were invented so the machine could do something.


  • The engine has only gone offline once for a total of 9 minutes and 59 seconds, meaning many Irkens were close to death
  • If a PAK was broken, the Eternal Engine would be broken as well.
  • It is updated and built onto every Tallest reign.
  • Exposure to it for too long could cause an Irken to become smaller, meaning if a Tallest was exposed to it for too long, the tallest may lose their power and be replaced by their heir.