Flywish (IZFW)

Flywish is a robot who works for Dib. He hates Zim and knows that he's an alien. He tries to prove it everyday.


Dib decided to build a robot. He named it Flywish for some reason and Flywish officially worked for him. Flywish was the only one who knew that Dib wasn't crazy. Flywish and him became best of friends. Flywish has a crush on Gaz but she hates him.


  • GIR and him hate each other.
  • Everyone thinks that Flywish is a toy that Dib brought to skool even though they have heard him talk over and over and over and over and over and over again.
  • Flywish hates anyone who hates Dib so that means he hates almost everybody.
  • He and Surray appear to be really, really bad enemeys.