They Followers of Ben are a super secret underground group of skool students who were chosen by Ben Hun to know the truth about the LOLcats.The ones that were chosen became very interesting and join Ben in his quest for world domenation in the name of the LOLcats.There base is hiden deep within the unexplored reach's of the Skool Catacombs making them near untrackable seeing as they are some of the only ones who know their way through it how ever even they havent explorer near a courter of it.They are thought to have atleast 30 members


Founded by Ben on April 14,2010 the group started out as just five members practicing the ways of the LOLcat secretly in the girls bathroom (no one ever goes in there dont ask why).

The group soon started taking on new members and started imploying new rules and practices.The group soon grew to a large 20 membership and Ben (being one of the few who have explored them) opened up a new huge bace with in the Skool Catacombs

Today their memberhship is 30.


Do join the group you must first be inivited there is no other way to join.

After joining the group you are given a golden amulet with the sybol of the group the "Metalic Kitteh" on it a golden kitteh holding the words LOLZ.


The uniform consists of an ancient set of robes that are very alike the robs worn by LOLcat followers thousands of years ago and look.

NOTE:Ben all ready wears weired dark looking robes around the skool but his are a lot more color full and power full looking marking him to the clan as their leader and to the public as errr well a weired guy.

Peices of the Uniform

  • Black robe with red triming
  • Black shoes
  • Amulet of the Metalic Kittehh
  • LOLZ belt of LOLcats.


  • Dib knows of them.
  • They, like Ben, despises Surray due to this quote ("LOLCATS ARE PUNY, MAKE BELIVE, FAKE CREATURES!")
  • the Mettalic Kitteh is reconized by some of the Irken for some unknown reason.