Fourth Wall is a metafictional barrier that seperates fiction from reality. It is in every universe.


Fourth Wall was created when the first universe was created. It appeared in the next universe that was created and so on. The wall acted like a barrier that seperates every universe when it was created. It still acts the same today.


It currently protects each universe from harm. It also stops each universe from harming other universes. People from each universe sometimes break the wall.


  • There are rumors saying that some universes don't have the wall. It has been confirmed false.
  • Surray and Eris can break it. No one knows how they can.
  • Ben was gifted with breaking the fourth wall from birth and is quite adept at it from the training for it given by the LOLcat masters how ever Ben tends to ocasionaly get arested for traveling through the fourth wall by the Cow Mages all though he usually passes through wall to wall unoticed even by the eyes of the Peackeeper Order