This is a war that Surray dreamed up. It never truly happened, as such an event would destroy the continuity of the series.

Chapter 1. EarthEdit

It all started at Surray's house. He lay in bed and fell into a deep sleep.

He slept and he slept and he dreamed up something unexpected. The Massive headed straight to Earth as a bunch of random Irkens looked at the planet. "What planet is that?" asked one Irken.

"I don't know." answered another Irken.

"Listen to them." said a third Irken. They all looked at the control room where the two Tallest were eating snacks and laughing. A red alarm sounded and the two stopped laughing and looked at the planet.

"Planet ahead." beeped the alarm. "

So this is Earth." croaked Red. The Irkens back in the other room started having another discussion.

"What is Earth?" asked the first Irken.

"I don't know." answered the second. The ship flies and is videotaped as they head closer to Earth. A researcher was blurting out the news back in the Doomsville Doom Facility.

"I have some bad news." said a researcher "Aliens are taking over Earth. We have to act fast.". "

I don't believe you." shouted another. The first one got irritated and just shouted to them, "Then just sit there and let those aliens take over Earth. I got proof by the way.". He showed them a video. The Massive heads toward Earth in that video. A lot of members were amazed.

The second researcher said, "I guess I was wrong. Aliens are taking over Earth. We need to act fast if we don't want to become alien bait.".

Meanwhile at Ben's house, he walked into his bedroom. "Gosh, I am tired." he said half asleep. He lay on his bed and went into a deep sleep as well. Something strange happened though because of the mind link him and Surray shared. It put him into Surray's dream.