Invader Ize is an Irken Invader, and not a very well known one. Ize is slightly more pacifistic than other Irkens, usually more bent on enslaving the species of the universe rather than killing them off.


Ize looks basically like your typical Irken, despite being the size of a middle-schooler unlike the typical 3-and-a-half-foot Irkens. This is supposedly due to his large PAK. He has dark green eyes, a disorder that occured during early development in his test tube, similiar to Earth's albinism. He wears the typical Irken uniform, except without stripes on the shirt.


Ize is slightly more pacifistic than most Irkens, desiring the preservation of most species, and enslaving, unlike the typical Irken's desire to kill off other species. He usually sits around in his Ize Cruiser (A rebuilt version of the original Spoot Cruiser from the Invader Zim pilot episode) watching TV, cruising around the galaxy, and listening on to SIRNS' constant rants about rubber chickens, sandwhiches, and donuts. Ize, due to his size, usually considers himself above others, literally and figuratively. Except the Almighty Tallest, of course.


Ize is around 4 feet tall, unlike most Irkens, who are around 3 and a half feet tall.

SIRNS was named by Ize (for obvious reasons).

Ize was created on the video game Spore, and was named after the Invader Zim initials, by user Invader_ZIM_Fan.