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Minimoose was built by Zim to be the ultimate tool of distruction and sidekick afte GIR's many screw ups. Instead, Zim got a floating stuffed animal that makes cheefull sqeaking noices.Minimoose all though a cheerful floating stuffed animial is actually the most dangerous doomsday device the world has ever seen unfortunetly though Zim has no clue how to use him making this most powerful tool of distruction useless.seeing as hes useless Zim gave Minimoose to GIR to play with.once while playing with Minimoose GIR acidently activated the Doomsday Device which destroyed Zim's base prooving that indeed he was a creation of mass distruction.

In Invader Zim: Future Shock, it was Princess Zazlena and Prince Zagarius' dear friend and a device used by the two hybrid children. In both the original Nickelodeon series and its spin-off, Mini-Moose seemed to have some self-awareness; it followed Zim, and later his family, and defended him.

With the vocal command "Mini-Moose, Power Up," it could transform into various objects that would help the prince and princess, such as a slingshot or a mace. It was also used to communicate with Sizz-Lorr and the servants of the royal palace.


  • Dib some times atttempts to sneak into Zim's base and communicate with Minimoose him thinking that infact the moose is of a high IQ.
  • For a odd reaosn, Surray thinks its pure cuteness.