Nega-Zim is a clone of Zim created by the Almighty Tallest in the event that Zim comes back to Irk. When a ship that looked like Zim's appeared in the orbit of Irk, Nega-ZIm was unleashed. But when he shot it down, Nega-ZIm went prematurely insane. After blowing apart his own creators, he travelled to Earth. While Zim was fixing GIR in the forest, Nega-Zim, using spare parts stored in his PAK. created a non-defective SIR Unit named Nega-GIR. After battiling Zim and knocking off his PAK, Nega-Zim stole the Voot Cruiser and went to Zim's base where he plotted to send a mind control signal across the universe. But he was destroyed when Zim accidentally activated the base's self-destruct.