The Peackeeper Order or PKO for short is the governing body of the universe that works constantly to keep the balance of the universe.Many humans and other Fourth Wall breaking creatures work in the various departments of the Peackeeper's headed by the High Council


There was a time long ago when power was a thing easily obtained and was used for dark and selfish purposes carlessly through out the universe.The Peackeeper Order was founded to keep those with bad intents from anyform of power and to govern and maintain the universe unknown to is inhabitants.The Order was founded with the High Council at the head of it.The Council consisted of five creatures or groups the council members were the LOLcat masters,The Cow Wizards, The Council of Aliens., The council of Robotic life, and the head of the others. Aside from the head of the order were various departments and members that all worked together to keep peace in the universe at there HQ with in the fourth wall istelf.


Some time after a few years of the founding of the Order a huge coup to over through the other members of the High Council was put into action by the LOLcat masters.Dearing a meeting discussing the problem of Irkens annoying attempts at ruling the galaxy the LOLcat masters gave a signalll and the Council Guards (who were in on the coup) seized the other masters exacpt for the Cow Wizards (who were at that time taking a much needed vaction) and locked them in the janitors closet.The LOLcat masters and their followers then seized complete control of the Peacekeeper Order and converted it into an empire that would control the entire universe under the rule of the LOLcat masters.Fortunetly the Cow Wizards were quick to act and using their Cow Magick banished LOLcats down into Level 0 (non-existant void).But the LOLcats had a failsafe A spell that imprisoned the LOLcats insted in the mind of a child born at the same time of the LOLcat's banishment.



The Masters are the secret controllers of the Order even in higher position than the High Council , they each have certain jobs.All though they are called Tallest it has been prooved that they are indeed not irkens.

Tallest of Creation-Tallest Black

Tallest of LOL and Balance-Tallest Green

Tallest of Bannage - Tallest Firebrick


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List of EmployeesEdit