Roxanne Dash Rosemary (Irken name: Rox) is a female Irken adopted by a human scientist, for the intention of examination.


Invader Rox was created one day on Irk. Her personality and IQ were determined by the DNA samples selected at random: Tak and Tallest Miyuki, who was very intelligent.

The machine was working as usual, but it suddenly stopped and caught on fire. Rox was caught in the mess before being fully created, and was released with only one burn mark. The Tallests Rainbow and Silver cared for her.

As Rox grew, Rainbow and Silver noticed her growing weaker and weaker. To prevent this, they provided her with an energy-efficient rechargeable PAK, complete with an extension cord to plug into the wall for efficient recharging.

On her first trip to Earth driven by Rainbow, the vootcruiser had crashed and landed near a small orphanage, somewhere around the Indiana area. The newly-disguised Rox was immediately rushed in as an orphan, for fear of not being able to succeed in her mission.

A scientist by the name of Aria Rosemary adopted Rox for some simple examinations. Due to her studies mainly focusing on Planet Irk and the rest of their system, she was able to care for two human children (who she had before Rox was adopted) and Rox.

Because of Rox's increased intelligence, she was able to begin middle school when she was the human equivalent of ten years old. She was often bullied and mocked for her behavior, but that was before she met friends who were willing to stand up for her.


Rox's Irken form consists of entirely green skin with blue eyes, curled antennae, blue-purple robes, black, bulky PAK, and a blue pendant necklace, provided by Tallest Silver.

Rox's human form, however, consists of pale skin (makeup), blue eyes, and dark brown hair. She prefers to wear camoflauge cargo pants, blue T-shirts, and, of course, her blue pendant.


  • She is very tall for a typical Irken.
  • Around Irk, she is rumored to be a Tallest-in-Training. Sadly, that's not the case.