The Royal Senate of Irk, also referred to as the Republic Senate, Irken Congress, Republic Congress, or Neo Senate, is the legislative branch of the Irken Republic that was located on Meongg. Its primary duties were to mediate any disputes between star systems, worlds and cultures, to regulate trade between systems, to protect and care for citizens in need and to provide mutual defense in face of threats to the Republic.


The Royal Senate is a place where all the Republic's elected and appointed senators and representatives from the farthest reaches of the galaxy would discuss major problems and come to decisions. The Universal Constitution invested the Senate with the power to regulate trade, maintain maps of the galaxy's hyperspace routes, and to maintain the Republic's militaries. It is a relatively strong body. Following the Ruusan Reformation, a large amount of power was removed from the Supreme Chancellor and granted to the Senate, which although resulting in greater regional involvement in galactic politics, also resulted in increased gridlock. One of the privileges a Supreme Chancellor still possessed was his or her ability to call an Extraordinary Session, the equivalent to a special session on Earth.