Running gags are annoying and funny things that reoccur a lot.


This is where the running gags go.

Gags by character Edit


  • He screams loud whenever the lights go out.
  • He gets hurt in every story he's in.
  • He kicks Eris whenever he is around and he is frustrated.
  • He, like Dib, is constantly accused of having a big head. Responded with "MY HEAD'S NOT BIG!"!


  • SWAN will constantly fall in a trashcan.


  • He will eat a poster in the skool's cafeteria when nobody is looking at him.


  • Saisan will kiss Surray while no one is looking, but at least two different people see it, ending with a remark of "Surray and Saisan are sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!".
  • Saisen will publically acknowledge her crush on Surray, often in public, thus embarassing him.


  • SUR will hug SWAN while no one is looking.


  • Ben will sometimes sneak up behind people and say "BOO!" causing them to feel dizzy.
  • Ben will definately refer to cats as "his pretties" before the day is done.

Jones Johnson Edit

  • On any given day, someone will compare him to Mrs. Bitters.
  • Jones always mispells "Skool" as "School".
  • Students never run out of questions about his origins or his wardrobe.
  • Jones tends to remark about his own appearence, often negatively.
  • Jones will forget to bring lunch from home, forcing him to eat "Skool" food.
  • He never fails to comment on his surroudings.