A regular SIRygon, traceable version


Non Traceable Version

SIRygon is a virus made to infect GIR; however, while it was meant to make GIR explode and leave Zim lonely, the SIRygon instead made him super annoying.

Types of SIRygonEdit

There are two types of SIRygon; traceable and untraceable. Traceable tend to be pink and have small blue pieces all over it. They may be traceable with simple computers but can do more damage and make the annoyance much higher. Untraceable are blue with pink pieces but are not traceable. However, they do not last as long.


Data from the program of SIRygon reveals that they will drift around inside robots like GIR and constantly plug themselves into to the data to corrupt it. The corruption causes the robot to lose its marbles and make the robot strange instead of normally serious. SIRygon after corrupting the data once float around aimlessly, smashing into data and making the robot unable to be cured of strangeness/craziness. This must be done constantly or the robot will eventually fix itself. A SIRygon will eventually fall apart, having its body disintegrate slowly and get crash into the data for a last time before shattering. It is possible that if there was nothing for it to smash into, it would work forever.


There is a patch set up in a SIRygons system that whenever it updates, a signal that spans billions of miles connects to a SIRygon and causes it to go to a robots signal connector and patch itself. This may cause it to:

  • Become a new edition of SIRygon
  • Last longer
  • Do more damage