SWAN is a SIR unit given to Surray, The Tallest tried to pull the same thing on Surray as they did on Zim. But they acciently threw a SIR unit that looks defective, but its not.


SWAN was one of the SIR units in Impending Doom 1, damaged by Zim when he friendly atatcked Irk. SWAN was put offline for later and repairs. They never came, eventully, during Impending Doom 2, he was given to Surray as his SIR unit. He then assisted Surray on Earth.


  • Being a SIR unit, SWAN is loyal to Irkens, namely Surray.
  • SWAN, despite being fully functional, has a few glitches. I.E eating, drinking, hiding from Surray (In the Skool Catacombs), etc.
  • He knows Surray's theme song (Disturbia) by heart...or gears, he comes running when Surray is looking for him...most of the time...