Saisan is a Irken with the biggest crush on Surray. Absolutly in love with him, going as far to have dolls of him.


Irken HistoryEdit

Apon clonage, Saisan was always interested in the Irken Invaders. Later, she met Surray. She instatly liked him. And actully went to stalking him, when they didnt evenm know eachtogher. After Saisan found out Surray was a invader she got even more in love. Surray knew this, and knew he could take advantage of this and actully make a friend. When he prepared to go to Earth, he offered Saisan if she wanted to come.

Earth HistoryEdit

To be written!


Saisan's personallity differs day from day, but useally shes a sweet Irken with a addiction to Surray, but sometimes she can be a strict, abusing friend to Surray (I.E being absolutly mean to him).


  • Her crush as gone as far to grab and kiss Surray at Skool at recess. How embarrasing for Surray...
  • Surray, despite hating her random kissing and hugging, actully thinks shes pretty-WHAT?!? I DO NOT!'-He denies it, though.
  • She has a Theme Song, just like Surray...


Quotes by other peopleEdit

"Surray and Saisan siting in teh tree!"-Ben Hun

Quotes by her selfEdit

  • "I love you Surray!"
  • I hope you ahve a wonderful day, Surray!