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This is Surray. FEAR HIM!
Vital statistics
Full name Surray Yishran II
Native name Surray Yishran II
Title Invader #2325030 Surray Yishran II
Gender Male
Race Irken
Faction Invader
Health Good
Level The level an official invader would be
Status Learning about the puny Earth wormbabies
Location Earth
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Invader
Interests Helping Irk, destroying Earth, planning evil schemes, avoiding Saisan
Friends Irk excluding Eris
Enemies Earth, Eris
Archetype Evil
Parody of Nothing
Fourth wall Can break the 4th wall
Color Yellow and green
Nationality Irken

Invader #2325030 Surray Yishran II, or just Surray is a Irken Invader sent to conquer Earth in the name of Irk. He came with his father and brother as well.


Irken HistoryEdit

Surray's history on Irk is cloudy. But this is what we could dig up.

Surray was always a true Invader, he was part of the Irken Empire military sicne day one. Surray was a key Irken in succes of dominations. Later, durign "Impending Doom 2", Surray became a Invader and was sent to Earth. His father and brother tagged along.

Earth HistoryEdit

Surray, soon after his arrival on Earth, created a Base-Of-Operations and a disguise. He and his family (who came) began getting the underground Command Centers and extra PAKs in place. He eventully began going to Skool to leanr about the "FILTHY human wormbabies".


  • His right arm wasnt made while he was cloned, he replaced it with a robotic arm.
  • He has a upgrade that hooks up to his squeddily Spooch to give him the ability to hypnotize or give Head Aches to anyone he wnats, 5 times a day. For 5 mintues.
  • Saisan is obbsed with him...0_0
  • Surray does not like getting kissed by Saisan (Even though it happens every 24 hours...)
  • He can rbeak the 4th wall, and constantyl comapred himself to this thing
  • He has a Theme Song
  • Hes scared of the Dark.


Quotes on himEdit

  • "Yellow....Yellow skin....*Shudders*"-Ben Hun
  • "Surray and Saisan siting in teh tree!"-Ben Hun
  • "Hes so cute!"-Saisan
  • "Hi, Surray!" -Eris
  • "Humph!" -Eris

His quotesEdit