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The resisty is a resistance movement that oposes the irken empire in various ways. The resisty consists of various members from a variety of different races. They are one of the newest and most notable resistance movements against the irken regime.


The resisty came into existance shortly after the Vortian/Irken war and is led by the Vortian Lard Nar. Lard Nar together with a few other Vortians where able to escape the initial onslaught that was, the first battle for Vort, where most of the remaining ships of the Vortian navy had to fight of the Irken Empire long enough to make sure that most of Vorts scientists and some civilians could escape. Lard Nar and a few other Vortians where able to make it to safety along onboard the Ithmar's Fist, the resisty's main starship that they later used against the The Massive. Lard Nar aquired a group of brave yet inadiquite aliens and attacked Irken shiping lines prior to the foolish desition to attack the Massive (wich Lard Nar described as "our first real act of resistance against operation inpending doom II"). This mistake eventually led to the destruction of Ithmar's Fist and a bitter humiliation of the Resisty at the hands of the Irken armada. Later on, the resisty would operate out of Meekrob territory and harrass Irken shipping lines once more in a newer Vortian designed Ship.

Notable membersEdit

  • Lard Nar

A male Vortian ex-scientist who once worked together with both Zim and former Prisoner 777 and also various others on Research station 9 within the Vort System. somewhat sadistic and megalomanic in nature, Lard Nar is one of Vort's best weapon designers, having worked on the massive and the shuvver among others even though he originally wanted to be a field doctor.

  • Shloonktaplooxis

A male programmed teaching robot unit his programming and mind went beserk after a minor accident involving a spoon, a meteor, 3 polar bears and a norwegian 12 year old.

  • spleenk

A male Manoquar, almost 120 years old (wich would translate to roughly 30 years old in earth years) Spleenk came from quite a wealthy family and joined the military out of boredom just before the invasion by Irken forces in the time between Inpending Doom I and II. the horrors he withnessed scarred him for life. A constant victim of panic attacks, he still keeps strong.

  • Ixane

A real mistery, she always seems to wear a cloak. also very inovative she is actually a gun for hire. but desided to join the resisty as she is always looking for new experiences. having worked and tracked down people for the Irkens in the past. she now has a huge destain for them.