The Royal Pendant of Tallest Kariko

production Number

29 (4-29)


Red Jaguars

Winning Contestants

Zim & Gaz






The Imperium Silver Crystal


The Metal Crown of Empress Starfire

The Royal Pendant of Tallest Kariko is a crossover of Legends of the Hidden Temple and Invader ZIM.

The MoatEdit

One player from each team was standing on a troubled bridge prior to the start of the event. When Kirk said go, the first player ran across the bridge. Once they were across, that would be the second player's signal to cross the same way. As soon as the second teammate stepped onto the deck, it was their duty to ring the temple gong by slamming their hand on the pedestal.

The Moat Results
Blue Barracudas 0:38
Orange Iguanas 1:02
Purple Parrots 1:28
Red Jaguars 0:38

The Steps of KnowledgeEdit

Long ago, before Tallest Miyuki, there lived a beautiful and powerful female Irken. Her name was Kariko. When she became Almighty Tallest, she wore powerful armor and a glittering golden crown, along with dresses and gowns made from the finests silks on Irk, which only the family of the Tallest, their court and even political or wealthy aristocrats wore because they were the wealthiest Irkens. Around her neck she wore the Shining Flower, a circular, bejeweled pendant that represented her power. Kariko ruled for centuries but bore no heirs to the throne. She died smeetless, but according to legend, one of her advisors made away with the Shining Flower after she died. Centuries later, it found its way here to the Temple. Your quest is to retrieve the pendant of Tallest Kariko and bring it here.

Steps of Knowledge Results
Red Jaguars Blue Barracudas Orange Iguanas Purple Parrots
1st— Correct
1st— Correct
1st— Correct
1st— Correct
1st— Correct
1st— Correct
1st- Correct 2nd-Correct

The Temple GamesEdit

Laser FireEdit

One player from each team held an Irken laser gun. When Kirk said "fire!", the team members had to shoot all of the targets on the walls in one minute. Zim blasted away all four targets while Dib shot only two.

Snack AttackEdit

One player from each team started with a bag of snacks. When Kirk said "go", both partners pulled themselves to the center. When they got there, one passed the snack bag to her partner; then, they both slid back to their respective starting points. The first partner grabbed another snack bag while the second partner dumped his snack bag into the bucket. Both players then pulled themselves toward the center and repeated the process. The team with the most snack bags in their bucket at the end of one minute won. The Blue Barracudas barely won versus the Red Jaguars, 4-3.

The Temple RunEdit