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I have a idea for a Dream war, Surray dreams about The Massive and the near undefeatable Irken war fleet comign to Earth for conquest, thus charecters take sides. The Invasion rains down dersctruction on the planet as Irken land toropers storm captial citys and battling Human military forces. Eventully the Massive itself begins its bombardment apon the planet. The other ships land and even mroe soldiers begin the battle.

The dream ends with Irken victory, and Earth is turned into a bounce house planet for The Almighty Tallest.

Note: This is all a dream...




Irken Invasion Force and Invaders

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Followers Of Ben

Its a little to early for the actual thing to be put ont he wiki. But if you guys agree with this idea, we can begin plans and as more people come, charecters join.