Virus is a villain who became new to "Invader Zim, The Meekrob Saga." Virus is the legendary god of evil who wants nothing more to rule all galaxies and planets.

"Invader Zim, The Meekrob Saga"Edit

After 1,000 years of being the The Devil's Cloud, Virus breaks free and sets revenge on the dead Tallest Xat and Tallest Zagnaf. On the way, Virus kills Invader Leroy, Invader Ciol, and Invader Seti, the three most top Invaders. Tak informs the Tallest about the murders, and the IDOI( Irken Defenses of Irk) prepare for this. Since this, Virus is the second major villain in the series.


Virus can be described as insane, evil, clever, and even a joker. He seems to make loopholes in promises: for instance, in " Invader Zim, The Meekrob Saga" episode 78, he makes a promise with Lard- Nar to find out the Irken's weakness, and he finds a water container to make Irkens bow to his will.