Zib is an Irken and was sent to earth because he was nice to everyone.When he was born there was no more

Zib ( updated )

PAKs so he forgets stuff. 
Vital statistics
Full name Zib
Native name Zib
Title Unknown
Gender Male
Race Irkens
Faction Unknown
Health Good
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Earth
Birth date 1/1/01
Occupation To keep Irken Infermation
Interests Kittens and Skool
Friends Dib and Zelle
Enemies Zim and Gak
Archetype Unknown
Parody of Unknown
Fourth wall Good at Breaking Fourth Wall
Color Irken Color
Nationality Friendly

Life of EarthEdit

While landing on earth he forgot his discuise and was worryed.


HIR is his assistent which is a girl version of the SIR unit.The 'H' Means "Helpful".